2021 Provincial HO AGM

2021 Honorary Officer Provincial AGM

As per the notice of meeting sent by email on 15 May 2021, the 20th Annual General Meeting will be held on 19 June 2021.

The EKZNW Honorary Officers Executive Committee extends a sincere invitation to you to join us for the Virtual Annual General Meeting, which will be broadcast from Krantzkloof Conference Centre, Durban.

Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, the AGM will be held ONLINE this year and physical attendance at the venue is restricted to invited members.

We look forward to welcoming many of our members from around KZN to the meeting.

How to join the meeting:

  1. Click HERE to follow the link to the meeting
  2. On the “Open Microsoft Teams”window which opens, click CANCEL
  4. Click ALLOW if Window opens asking for Teams to use your microphone
  5. ENTER YOUR NAME (first name & surname) in the space provided
  6. Click JOIN NOW
  7. Wait for admin to admit you to the meeting (this should be quick after 08h00)

Guidelines for online attendance of the AGM 

The same basic rules of etiquette for all meetings apply for this ONLINE meeting – please be courteous

  1. Registration
    1. Register between 08h30 & 09h10
    2. After joining the meeting, use text chat to send your Name, HO number & Group to register your attendance
  2. Video and audio
    1. When joining the meeting TURN OFF your video and MUTE your microphone
    2. Once the meeting starts, all microphones will be muted and cameras disabled by the presenter – this is to prevent unnecessary disturbance to the meeting
  3. Raise you hand to comment
    1. After each agenda item, comments will be opened to the floor for the preceding item.
    2. If you wish to raise a matter pertaining to the item just discussed, please click the hand icon on the Teams toolbar (PC) to raise your hand. If using a smartphone, tap the 3 dots in the toolbar and then tap on the hand on the right side.
    3. Wait to be invited to talk
  4.  Post questions in Meeting Chat
    1. Comments pertaining to the meeting can be posted in the meeting chat by clicking the message symbol in the toolbar.
    2. Relevant comments from the attendees will be relayed at the end of each agenda segment.

HO Awards

At the AGM, a number of awards and certificates will be presented to worthy recipients for their support of Ezemvelo and the HO Corps – below are samples of some of the certificates. A full list of recipients will be posted here after the meeting.