The Krantzkloof group works closely with Ezemvelo Reserve management on many of the upgrade projects undertaken within the Reserve.

Over the years, funds raised have been used to upgrade various visitor facilities in the Reserve.


The following events and ongoing projects are used to fund the various upgrades undertaken in the Reserve:

  • Krantzkloof trail run – this annual event in partnership with Forest Hills Sports Club, Netcare 911, Rescuetech and various other partners.
  • Krantzkloof Conference Centre – provides additional income for projects in the Reserve

Completed Projects
Nkutu Picnic site toilet block:

After being badly vandalised, the toilet block underwent a complete revamp and modernisation which included the addition of gents’ urinals and a wheelchair friendly facility.

Kloof Falls picnic site guard hut:


The old fibreglass guard hut at the gate was replaced with a more aesthetically pleasing wooden guard hut. This hut is maintained on an ongoing basis by repainting as needed.




Nkutu picnic site jungle gym:

A kiddies jungle gym was erected  at Nkutu picnic site

Kloof Falls picnic site entrance upgrade:



New entrance walls were erected at the entrance to the main picnic site in Kloof Falls road. The driveway was re-tarred from the entrance to the roadway. 2 New sliding entrance gates were erected.


Nkutu picnic site entrance upgrade:

New entrance walls were erected at the entrance to the Nkutu picnic site in Valley Drive, Forest Hills. A new sliding gate was erected.

Kloof Falls picnic site parking upgrade:

What started out as a simple “2 day” job to level and increase parking space at the picnic site, landed up being an extremely lengthy and costly exercise. Once the earthworks equipment moved on site and hit underground water and rock, the fun started. This led to approximately 3 months of total chaos in the parking area while sub-soil drainage was installed to allow the undergorund water to drain away so the area could dry out. Many anxious weeks later the parking was completed and ready for the landscaping team to get stuck in. Thanks to the team from Kloof Conservancy, the gardens were beautifully landscaped and the whole area was vastly improved creating a substantially larger and more attractive parking area for visitors.

Krantzkloof Conference Centre upgrade and outsourcing:

In a joint venture between the Honorary Officers and Kloof Conservancy, a concession was signed by Ezemvelo for the upgrade and subsequent management of the “Interpretative Centre”. Following the installation of new Harvey tiles on the roof by Ezemvelo, a major revamp and modernisation of the facility was undertaken and it was transformed in to a magnificent venue which is available for hire for various events. The facility is managed by Kloof Conservancy volunteers and they are assisted by some of the Honorary Officers. Once again, the Conservancy gardening team has done an amazing job in transforming the gardens to supplement the beauty of the facility.

The facility makes the perfect venue to hold a meeting or social gathering (up to about 70 people) in a beautiful setting right in Nature – more info on the venue can be found at

An airconditioner was donated by the Honorary Officers to add to the comfort of those using the facility.

Additional picnic benches and braais


Additional plastic benches and braais were purchased and installed – this included aprons around the new benches using concrete grass blocks to minimise erosion from regular use.





This ongoing project sees signs being upgraded and replaced as required.  This includes trail markers, entrance signs and enforcement/regulation signs at the various entry points.




Website and publicity:

The Krantzkloof Nature Reserve website and Facebook page is maintained by the Honorary Officers. This includes responding to numerous online queries submitted on a weekly basis via these 2 platforms.

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